New Algorithms For Russian Radars

Specialists from Academician A.L. Mints Radiotechnical Institute (RTI) have developed new methods of air and space control and group targets identification. The new target detection algorithm has been developed for long-range radar stations and is caused by a much more complicated electromagnetic situation in the radar location area.

The developed algorithms for radars successfully detect the single targets trajectories from the data cloud of group target elements, when the targets move "parallel" and "mixed". In addition, the information processing time is reduced, the algorithm takes into account the changing interference situation, tunable detection requirements, and the current state of the station. Also, the algorithms can be improved if the power level of interference is exceeded.

According to Anatoly Leukhin, Deputy Director General for Scientific Work at RTI, the implementation of the proposed algorithms in the software of radars will ensure timely adaptation to the changing background and target environment and will significantly improve the quality of the functioning of radar stations.

"Modern conditions require the radar to solve both new and traditional tasks without losing the quality of work. New challenges are the development of space infrastructure, which entails, first of all, the appearance of an increasing number of satellite groupings in orbits" said A.N. Leukhin

Source: RTI press service

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