RT-Techpriemka Offers Digital Solutions for MIC

Denis Kononchuk, first Deputy General Director of RT-Techpriemka, presented digital solutions in the field of quality assurance at a meeting of the Department of Russia's military-industrial complex (MIC). The event was also attended by representatives of corporations Rostec, Roscosmos, Rosatom and other leading industrial companies.

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Participants discussed the development of an integrated process model for quality management at all stages of the product life cycle, the use and implementation of digital technologies for ensuring product quality in organisations of the military-industrial complex. As a result of the meeting, recommendations and a methodology for collecting and evaluating indicators for monitoring the performance of the production system at defence industry enterprises were formed. Methodical recommendations are intended for chief executors of state defence order, general designers, etc.

Denis Kononchuk spoke about an integrated approach to quality management using information technology and artificial intelligence, which were created by RT-Techpriemka specialists. In particular, automated systems for monitoring compliance with technological processes and product quality, which were put into operation at metallurgical enterprises, were presented.

“The implementation of digital solutions allows us to exclude or at least minimise errors associated with the human factor when working with data. This is especially important for State Defence Order executors, since digital solutions minimise and prevent risks that may be associated with a delay in performance or product quality. So, the product quality monitoring system itself controls, compares numbers and highlights all inconsistencies and errors to the operator. Now this system is in trial operation at KRET enterprises. We plan to soon start operating it at the enterprises of other holdings, ”said Denis Kononchuk.

RT-Techpriemka is actively developing the automation of production processes. The technological process monitoring system collects and verifies the information obtained during the maintenance of technological processes at technical acceptance.

Press Release - RT-Techpriemka

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