ZALA AERO GROUP Completed 7000 Flights in 2020 for Gazprom

In 2020, ZALA AERO, a member of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies, successfully completed more than 7,000 flights to ensure the safety of facilities in the fuel and energy complex of PJSC Gazprom, said the press service of ZALA AERO.

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These flights were carried out in accordance with the concluded contracts with gas transmission companies of PJSC Gazprom. The spread of the novel coronavirus did not affect the implementation of the full range of work of monitoring gas pipelines, condensate pipelines, and adjacent infrastructure.

ZALA AERO deployed 30 flight teams and surveyed pipelines with a total length of 400,000 km. Based on the results of the air patrol, the operating services received all the necessary photographic and video recording materials.

To increase the efficiency of the work performed, specialized software based on artificial intelligence "GeoGraphics" was used, designed to process Earth remote sensing data and promptly notify responsible persons at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex.

In addition to the bulk of the work, air patrols and aerial photography with high-precision geodetic support were carried out in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation. As of 2021, ZALA AERO will introduce a modified system for detecting methane leaks DLS-LA

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