Antey-4000 Presented Abroad for the 1st time

Almaz-Antey Concern will for the first time present the Antey-4000 air defense missile system abroad at the International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2021, said the press service of the Concern. The event kicks off tomorrow 21 February and continues until 25 February in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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According to the statement published on Friday, "Almaz-Antey" will present a line of basic military products. The Concern's joint stand will offer information about modern long, medium, and short-range air defense systems, options for upgrading previously produced equipment, and other developments of the JSC Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey".

The exposition will include models of anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) "Viking", "Tor-M2E", "Tor-M2K", "Tor-M2KM" in stationary and mobile versions, marine automated anti-aircraft artillery complex (ZAK) "Palma", turret installation "Komar" for MANPADS of the "Igla" type.

For the first time at a foreign exhibition, the Concern will present information materials about the Antey-4000 long-range anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), which is a continuation of the Antey line. The system received new capabilities to combat air targets: the range in range, height, and speed of targets hit were significantly expanded.

The high level of tactical and technical characteristics allows the Antey-4000 to be used for air defense of the most important administrative, industrial and military facilities, and the tracked chassis make the system mobile even on rough terrain and capable of defending areas and military formations in the theater of operations. Antey-4000 significantly surpasses its predecessor - the Antey-2500 air defense missile system - in terms of range, altitude, and speed of destruction of aerodynamic targets - and has no analogues in its class.

Another novelty is the modernization of the Strela-type air defense system, widely represented in the world, to the level of the "Sosna" air defense system. Compared to its predecessor, the "Sosna" air defense missile system has double the target engagement range, three times the ammunition load, increased secrecy of use and introduced full automation of target tracking and destruction.

Those interested will be able to familiarize themselves with presentation materials about the S-400 Triumph air defense system, S-300PMU2 Favorit, Buk-M2E air defence missile system, Sosna, Tunguska-M1 air defense missile system, Shilka-M4 ZSU-23-4 , simulators and target training complexes for training air defense specialists, as well as the Concern's capabilities for the modernization and repair of previously supplied equipment.

“In the current difficult situation in the world, the goal of our participation in IDEX - 2021, one of the most popular defence exhibitions, is to strengthen the Concern's image as a reliable supplier of exclusive products that contribute to the preservation of the sovereignty and security of the purchasing countries,” said Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, Deputy General Director of the JSC "Concern EKR" Almaz - Antey "for foreign economic activity.

He noted that at this exhibition the Concern will once again demonstrate its scientific, technical, and production potential, including the possibility of profitable modernization of previously supplied equipment.

The Deputy General Director emphasized that the Concern invariably demonstrates technical independence, economic stability and high competitiveness of its products.

JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey is one of the largest integrated associations of the Russian defense-industrial complex, which employs about 130 thousand people. The Concern's products are in service in more than 50 countries around the world.

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