ARMY-2020 Exposition to Exceed 320k Square Metres

The total static exposition space of the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020 has been increased by 60,000 square metres compared to 2019, to exceed 320,000 square metres, said the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

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The exhibition stands will be set up in the pavilions and open areas of the Patriot Congress And Exhibition Centre, the Alabino Military Training Field and the Kubinka airfield.

Special Exhibits

A specialised exposition of promising weapons, military and special equipment will be deployed on the street site of the Patriot Congress And Exhibition Centre, where it is planned to present ten pieces of equipment, among which it will be possible to get acquainted with:

  • T-14 "Armata" battle tank;
  • "Terminator" combat vehicle;
  • heavy infantry fighting vehicle T-15 based on the universal tracked platform "Armata" with the combat module "Dagger";
  • "Dork" self-propelled mortar based on the "Typhoon-VDV" vehicle;
  • "Buk-3" medium-range surface-to-air missile systems
  • K-16 armoured personnel carrier "Boomerang" with a combat module of an infantry fighting vehicle K-17;
  • 2S38 "Derivation-Air Defense" self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery complex;
  • The 152-mm self-propelled artillery systems 2S35 of the Coalition-SV interspecific artillery system;
  • upgraded T-90M and T-80BVM tanks.
Enterprises of the Military Industrial Complex of Russia

In the demonstration and exhibition pavilions of the Rostec State Corporation, JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey, JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, PJSC United Aircraft Corporation , JSC Kalashnikov Concern, JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation, there will be the the International Exhibition "Products of the Leading Enterprises of the Russian Military-Industrial Complex". Key enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex will demonstrate promising developments in weapons, military and special equipment, as well as samples of high-tech dual-use products.

Russian Ministry of Defence

This year, the static display of the Ministry of Defence includes a number of features. Under the auspices of the ERA Military Innovative Technopolis, an exposition dedicated to the innovation activities of the Russian Ministry of Defence will be organised, where the developments of the ERA Technopolis, scientific companies, as well as selected projects based on the results of the “Days of Innovation” held in universities and research organisations of the Russian Defence Ministry will be presented. In total, about 60 samples of scientific and technical products will be presented.

Military Education

In order to promote military education at the ARMY-2020 forum, the "Military education - prestige and innovation" exhibition is planned. The exhibition will demonstrate advanced educational technologies, training programs, training systems and electronic information environment for training military personnel, as well as present the best works of students of pre-university educational institutions - participants in the festival of innovative scientific ideas "Start in Science." The exhibition will also host master classes by leading teachers of educational institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Tanks Alley

The guests and participants of the ARMY-2020 International Military-Technical Forum will be get to visit the Tankprom Alley, an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national tank building. A unique line of 22 tanks and armoured vehicles was deployed for the first time in an open area at the Patriot Congress And Exhibition Centre.

Museum Funds of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Patriot Park and private museums will fill the exhibition with small (light) T-18 (MS-1), T-26, T-50, T-60, T-70 tanks, medium tanks - T-34 -85, T-44, T-54, T-55, heavy tanks IS-2, IS-3, T-10M, amphibious tanks T-38, PT-76, experimental combat vehicle for supporting tanks "Viper", armoured vehicle BA -64, a model range of main battle tanks of different years - T-62, T-64B, T-72B3M, T-80BVM, as well as samples of modern armoured vehicles - T90M and Armata T-14.


The exhibition part of the aviation cluster of the forum at the Kubinka airfield has been significantly expanded and updated. The Russian Air Force, United Aircraft Corporation, the Russian Helicopters Joint Stock Company and other industrial enterprises will present specialised expositions, which will demonstrate over 30 promising samples:

  • Military Transport Aviation;
  • Long-Range Aviation;
  • Helicopter Technology;
  • Special Purpose Aviation;
  • Unmanned Aviation;
  • Retro-aircraft equipment.

To date, 700 units of weapons, military and special equipment have been planned for display at the Forum from the preserves of the Ministry of Defence.

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