Development of a Psycho-Physical Personnel Selection System

A new system for selecting personnel for the Russian Army is being developed by specialists of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund, said Andrei Grigoryev, Fund CEO, to TASS.

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"The project aims to create a new system of impartial methods of profoundly testing a military specialist’s psycho-physical functions that lay the biological basis for his successful professional activity in various conditions: from continuous monotonous work to situations that require instant decisions amid a clearly expressed stress and a threat to life," TASS cites Grigoryev.

According to the agency, the Advanced Research Fund is developing cutting-edge technologies of ensuring the personnel’s professional reliance, and work under the project is due to begin in 2021.

This system under development will be capable of assessing the psycho-physical profile of a human in order to guarantee a qualitative selection of servicemen.