IL-76 Crews Practice Bombing & Firing

As part of the 2020 control check, Il-76 crews practiced practical bombing and firing from aerial cannons at ground targets denoting enemy equipment in the Tver region, said the Information Support Group of the Aerospace Forces.

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In the Tver region, IL-76 crews practiced bombing and firing from aircraft cannons at ground targets denoting enemy equipment. Flights for combat use took place at altitudes from 300 to 1000 meters and at speeds over 500 kilometers per hour. Military pilots also performed airborne assault calculations from a height of 900 meters.

The flights were attended by the crews of the Tver, Pskov, and Ivanovo aviation regiments, which included young pilots and navigators, graduates of 2018-2019. Each of the crews performed at least three sorties for combat use.

During October, control checks for the 2020 academic year are carried out in the formations, units, and subdivisions of military transport aviation stationed in Ivanovsk, Orenburg, Rostov, Ulyanovsk, Pskov, Omsk, Bryansk regions.

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