JSC Remdizel Explores Partnership with Indian Enterprises

Alexander Matveev, Director of Sales and Service at JSC Remdizel said that the company is currently exploring possibility to participate in Indian armoured and all-terrain vehicle market. Remdizel is the manufacturer of Typhoon, Tornado and Vystrel family of versatile armoured vehicles.

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In an interview with Indian Defence Industries, Matveev said that if India was interested in collaborating with JSC Remdizel, then the company could offer a wide range of products and services that would meet the needs of the security agencies of Indian partners.

"Taking into account the current realities and requirements of the ongoing program “Make in India”, we are ready to develop a long-term partnership with the Indian party concerning the delivery of MRAP vehicles with 4х4, 6х6 and 8х8 wheel configurations and gradual production localisation," said Matveev.

He also added that India is particularly interesting due to its strategic partnership with Russia and due to the fact that Russian military equipment and its advantages are very well known to the Indian market.

Such cooperation would not only include the Indian Army, but also the Indian Ministry of Interior and security agencies, as well as individual producers as Matveev put it.

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