Ka-52M Helicopter to R&D be Finalised in 2022

Engineering and development work for an upgraded configuration of the combat helicopter Ka-52M will be completed in 2022, the CEO of the holding company Helicopters of Russia, (an affiliate of Rostec), Andrei Boginsky, told TASS.

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"Currently, research and development is in progress in accordance with the terms of reference. The project will be finalized in 2022," he said.

Within the framework of the project for upgrading the Ka-52 helicopter the Syrian experience was taken into account. It will be equipped with new electric power supply and target identification systems and better protection against enemy fire. The range of spotting and identifying both surface and air targets will be increased. So will the effective range of its weapons.

The reconnaissance and attack helicopter K-52 Alligator is meant for eliminating tanks, other armored and non-armored vehicles, manpower, enemy helicopters and other aircraft on the frontline and in the rear in any weather round the clock. It boasts advanced avionics and powerful weapons. The coaxial rotors and enhanced longitudinal control enables it to perform complicated aerobatic maneuvers.

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