Kamaz Unmanned Trucks Tested In The Arctic

The Kamaz group press service announced today that KAMAZ unmanned trucks were successfully tested at the East Messoyakhskoye field - Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Gydan Peninsula.

The joint project of Gazprom Neft and the KAMAZ group of companies was implemented with the support of the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in the Arctic and the difficult climatic conditions of the Arctic. The main goal of the tests is to confirm the potential effectiveness of the use of these unmanned vehicles, which can improve the safety of cargo transportation and optimise the supply of regions that are hard to reach.

During tests at the East Messoyakhskoye field, trucks without drivers showed the full potential of a digital resource: the ability to move along given routes with high accuracy, exchange information through duplicate communication systems, recognise obstacles in a fraction of a second, and predict the trajectory taking into account the current traffic situation. Control over the movement of unmanned trucks through the territory of the autonomous oil field and winter roads through the Gydansk tundra was carried out from a control centre equipped at the East Messoyakhskoye field.

As project participants noted, the main advantage of unmanned vehicles is unlimited performance. Equipped with an autonomous control system, the vehicles do not get tired and do not make mistakes even on difficult routes in conditions of low temperatures, blizzards and poor visibility. In comparison with manned counterparts, unmanned KAMAZ trucks are 50% safer and allow 10-15% reduction in freight costs.

Today, interest in the introduction of unmanned transport among industrial enterprises is increasing, the legislative base is gradually being formed, which opens up new opportunities for us." said Irek Gumerov, Deputy Director General for Development of KAMAZ PJSC.

He added that "With sufficient the experience and potential in the field of developing innovative vehicles with unmanned control technology, KAMAZ is ready to offer its high-tech solutions to Russian companies and assist partners in the implementation of their business projects ."

Based on the test results, Gazprom Neft will strengthen preparations for the introduction of unmanned vehicles in its logistics processes and will continue to actively participate in the formation of the regulatory framework governing the use of unmanned vehicles in Russian oil fields.

Source - Kamaz Press Service

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