Largest military exercises of CSTO countries commenced

The military exercises “Echelon 2019” of the CSTO member countries commenced at the Russian training ground of Mulino on October 8.


These are special training exercises, conducted for the first time. Their main goal is to establish a common logistics support system for the CSTO armed forces.

Only MTU-20 are in fight. This may be the slogan of the beginning stage of the exercises. The MTU-20 is a tank bridge layer vehicle. It will be used by the Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Russian, Kyrgyz and Tajik military to build bridges and load machinery and equipment.

The first stage will include drilling to work out the matters of logistics support, national border crossing and the loading of military and special machinery and weapons to railcars

“The need for this format is determined by the present state of the CSTO armed forces logistics system as one of the most important areas of CSTO collective security provision,”- Head of the CSTO Joint Headquarters Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov said at the opening ceremony.

The second stage that will be conducted in Belarus will include the matters of the use of reconnaissance forces and means.

The third stage, in Tajikistan, will include training aimed at conducting joint operations at CSTO countries’ territory.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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