Rostec to Create a Digital Twin of the TV7-117 Aircraft Engine

The United Engine Corporation of the Rostec State Corporation will create a digital twin of the second level of the TV7-117 aircraft engine. The project is being implemented jointly with the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

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The press service of the Rostec State Corporation said today that the United Engine Corporation (UEC) will create a digital twin of the second level of the TV7-117 aircraft engine. The development is intended for virtual testing of power plant elements, determining cost-effective parameters, and modernizing production.

The digital twin is a learning system consisting of a complex of mathematical models of different levels of complexity, refined based on the results of field experiments. Today, a team of specialists has developed a digital twin of the first level - it is a virtual engine model created according to the reference parameters of the drawings. It is intended for the production of the first full-scale sample of the product.

The second level digital twin is a virtual model integrated into production. It will store and display detailed information about the creation, existing parameters and operation of each engine manufactured. The system will make it possible to conduct virtual tests, predict the behavior of the power plant and determine which engine elements are more expedient to produce using additive technologies.

“Implementation of innovations in production is a priority direction in the development of the domestic aircraft industry. In addition to improving reliability, the system will reduce engine test times and obtain a direct economic effect, which will be expressed in reduced production costs. We plan to complete the creation of a digital twin of the second stage by 2022,” said Yury Shmotin, Deputy General Director - General Designer of the United Engine Corporation.

Today the specialists have already started their work. Engineers have identified 13 main elements of an axial compressor, for which virtual algorithms will be created, completely repeating the technological processes of mass production.

The second-level digital twin is a prerequisite for the “smart factory” concept, which implies the formation and use of a digital twin not only for an individual product, but as part of the entire production system. The research results will be implemented at the enterprise MMP im. VV Chernysheva of the United Engine Corporation.

Various modifications of the TV7-117 gas turbine engine are installed on the latest Mi-38 helicopters, as well as Il-112V and Il-114-300 aircraft.