Technodinamika to Make Military Exercises Cheaper

Technodinamika holding has developed a device for simulating the destruction of weapons and military equipment. The development will be part of a computerised combat reality simulation system, which will replace training ammunition with a laser beam and reduce the cost of conducting exercises.

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Technodinamika's press service said today that the destruction simulation device will become part of the laser multifunctional modules, which will additionally equip military equipment, for example, tanks or infantry fighting vehicles, during bilateral tactical exercises.

The product is equipped with smoke cartridges developed and manufactured by Technodinamika, as well as a special controller. With the help of the controller, the device interacts with the on-board computer of the combat vehicle, which, during exercises, records attacks and signals a conditional defeat of equipment. If the car is "damaged", then a cartridge of white smoke is triggered, if the target is "destroyed" then the smoke would be black.

“There are no analogues of this invention in Russia. A similar device is used during military exercises in NATO countries and South Korea, but ours has an original design. For example, more powerful smoke cartridges are used here," says Igor Nasenkov, General Director of the Holding.

According to Nasenkov, the project was realised in a record time of 6 months in total- from the moment of assigning the task to the manufacturer to the delivery of the first batch of 10 devices and 100 smoke bombs to the customer.

State tests of the new device are scheduled for 2021, based on their results, a decision will be made on the compliance of the complex with the requirements and its acceptance into service.

Technodinamika Holding company was created in 2009 and consists of 35 entities with about 30,000 employees. The Holding's competencies cover design, engineering, manufacturing and after-sales services of systems and components for aerospace industry.  The company implements a number of large-scale projects together with United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Helicopters, United Engine Corporation, Curtiss-Wright Corporation,  etc. Our products are installed on almost every Russian passenger and cargo aircraft.

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