Aspid Pistol Passes Acceptance Tests

TheCentral Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) has completed acceptance tests of the 9x19 self-loading sports pistol RG-120 and its modification RG-120-1, created during the R&D project "Aspid". The new weapon has reliabile characteristics that are four times higher than the requirements of the technical specifications. 

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Acceptance tests are the final tests of sports weapons required to confirm the compliance of technical and operational characteristics with the requirements of the technical task. The tests verified the correctness of assembly, the strength, and safety of the locking mechanisms, the accuracy, and accuracy of firing, as well as the correct operation of the automation with dry parts when firing at a temperature of minus -30 ° C. 

“The final stage of testing the RG120 sports pistol and its modification RG120-1 has been completed. The weapon fully meets the requirements of the technical assignment and demonstrated high tactical and technical characteristics, as well as impressive reliability: when firing in an intensive mode with a total number of 8000 shots, the number of delays for each modification did not exceed five instead of the permissible technical specifications 20. Due to their high characteristics, the pistols have good market prospects and can be launched into serial production this year," the Rostec press service quoted the cluster of weapons of Rostec

The pistols are equipped with a special underbarrel mount for additional equipment - the Picatinny rail and are designed for use in competitions in three classes of practical shooting: "standard", "serial with a lightweight telescopic sight" and "serial". The RG120-1 modification differs from the RG120 in the possibility of installing a collimator sight, as well as the use of automatic fuses instead of external mechanical ones. This allows immediate fire when removing the weapon from the holster, without wasting time removing the pistol from the safety catch. The saved fractions of seconds work on the result of the athlete.

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