Launching small spacecraft with Chinese partners

A coordination meeting with representatives of the Chinese Research Institute for Industrial Technology was held at the Khrunichev Center, for discussing prospects of launching small spacecraft using Russian launch vehicles.

 The main topic of the meeting was considering the possibilities of launching spacecraft designed and manufactured by the Chinese Research Institute for Industrial Technology using the Khrunichev Center’s vehicles.

The representatives of the Chinese delegation demonstrated presetation materials and informed the participants about the experience of researchers from the Harbin Technical Institute, their production and research base for the development and manufacture of small spacecraft and the prospects of this satellite market segment development.

The parties discussed the technical specifications of the small spacecraft, potential options of installation under the payload fairing, separation dynamics, mechanical and electrical interfaces, acoustic interaction levels and options for placing the craft to different orbits. The Chinese representatives were very happy with the meeting results, highly appreciated the work of the Khrunichev Center experts and confirmed that they were ready for cooperation.

"Considering the constructive dialog of the meeting participants, analysis of data for cooperation on small spacecraft, and the utilization of both parties’ advantages, it is planned to develop a program of cooperation between the Russian Khrunichev Center and the Chinese Research Institute for Industrial Technology. During the nearest two-month period, we are planning to sign a Framework Agreement on implementing joint projects with our Chinese  partners,” — Deputy General Director of the Khrunichev Center for Foreign Trade Andrey Pankratov concluded.

Source: Roscosmos

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