Russian Counter-Drone Systems for Central Asia

Avtomatika Group has started the delivery of Russian counter-drone systems to countries in Central Asia, said the Group's press office.

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Russia's major news agency, TASS, reported on Monday that the press office of Avtomatika Group - part of Rostec State Corporation- said that the group has started delivering on counter-drone systems to countries in Central Asia.

Moreover, the press office said that negotiations are on foot with five more countries on the deliveries of these systems. According to the published statement, these negotiations include India and states in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

"In June 2020, acceptance trials were successfully held for the systems of detecting and countering unmanned aerial vehicles that are being supplied in the interests of a customer in one of Central Asian countries," the news agency quoted Avtomatika's press office.

The deals completed by the group included the domestic market in Russia as well. The Group's press office told Tass that Avtomatika agreed on delivering these anti-drone systems to Slavneft-YANOS, a major oil refinery in Russia, and also to Tatneft. Additionally, there are now negotiations with more Russian companies for the delivery of these systems, like Rosneft, Gazprom, and Unipro.

Interest in these new Russian counter-drone systems extends to airports, transport companies, various services and security agencies, including those responsible for holding mass public events, added the press office.

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