ZALA Aero Unveils a new VOTL Drone

A new vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone has been unveiled on 21 May by the Russian drone manufacturer ZALA Aero, an affiliate of the Kalashnikov Concern. ZALA Aero announced the new unmanned  vehicle on its website.

"VTOL ZALA 421-16EV HD features a unique adaptive system for using the aerodynamic properties of UAV in all flight modes. [...] It broadcasts the video stream in HD quality (1280*720), which allows the ground station operator to examine the streaming video in the detail [...] A unique advantage of this model is the ability of vertical take-off and landing, carried out in a fully automatic mode." said the company in its press release.

"The ZALA 421-16EV UAV model has practically unlimited capabilities and has vast potential for monitoring and aerial photography of inaccessible areas and areal objects. UAV is easy to operate, light, can be operated in the air for 2 hours, while having a cruising speed of up to 110 km\h, but the main advantage is the absence catapult launching with no longer requiring launching and landing area," ZALA Aero says.

ZALA AERO produces unmanned aerial systems that include unmanned aerial vehicles, payloads, ground control stations, communication devices, software and mobile stations.

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