Russian Engineers Design A Camouflage ‘Snow Cloak’

Engineers at the Central Design Office of Special Radio Materials (CDORM) in Moscow, a subsidiary of the Ruselectronics state holding, have designed a new camouflage material that is said to reduce the range at which military equipment can be detected by a factor of three to four times. 

This new radio-absorbing material invented by Russian engineers will be used by the military to hide equipment under the cover of snow. The snow cloak has a reflection coefficient of just 0.5 percent, meaning it is capable of absorbing 99.5 percent of radar-based electromagnetic radiation, thus preventing enemy radar systems from identifying and recognising an object hidden by the cloak.

The new material is said to be durable, and resistant to climactic factors, especially very low temperatures. Experimental batches have already been produced by CDORM and it is ready for serial delivery, says Ruselectronics.

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