Launch of the Oniks Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Crews of the coastal missile systems "Bastion" of the Northern Fleet for the first time launched the Oniks anti-ship cruise missile from the island of Alexandra Land, where the military base "Arctic Trefoil" is located.

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The Ministry of Defence said that the target for the missile was a target ship installed in the Barents Sea at a distance of almost 200 km from the launch site. The firing of the rocket took place as part of a control check of fleet units following the results of the summer training period.

The safety of the firing and the closure of the sea area was ensured by ships and vessels of the Arctic group of the Northern Fleet, performing the tasks of a cruise in the Barents Sea near the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

In previous years, similar firing was carried out by combat crews of the Bastion DBK of units deployed on Kotelny Island.

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