Russia Begins Upgrading First Batch of Algerian Su-24 Bombers

The first batch of six Algerian Su-24 front bombers undergo upgrades at 514th Plane Repair Facility in Russia’s Rzhev, says MENA Defence news website. The Rosoboronexport company traditionally refrains from commenting its military cooperation with Algeria, but regularly underscores that Algeria is one of Russia’s largest military-technical partners.

According to the report, the planes would be upgraded to Su-24M2 version. In particular, the planes would get the new SVP-24 targeting and navigation system, produced by ‘Gefest I T’ company, allowing high precision while using conventional bombs.

There are more than 30 Su-24 bombers in Algerian Air Force.

According to MENA Defence, Algeria made a decision to upgrade its Su-24MK to Su-24M2, after reviewing the plane performance in Syria.

Source - TASS


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