MAKS-2021 Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets to visit the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 re on sale now! According to the official website of the organiser, tickets can be purchased on, as well as in the sales network of the ticket operator of the event, .

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As in previous years, tickets of various categories are available on sale: for specialists (Business), for visitors, tickets to the media platform. Additionally, parking tickets are offered.

Entrance tickets that give you the right to visit MAKS on one of the public days (July 23, 24 or 25) are offered at a price of 800 rubles. The cost of tickets for admission to the exhibition on open days  will increase to 1000 rubles as from mid-July . The same price will apply on the days of MAKS-2021 operation.

"The opportunity to save money by purchasing tickets in advance was in demand by our guests in previous years. We continue this practice by offering pre-sale tickets for access to the exhibition complex at the lowest price," said Vladimir Sovetkin, Deputy General Director of JSC Aviasalon.

In addition to fixed-date tickets, weekend tickets are available to visit the exhibition once on any of the public days. They are intended for guests who have not chosen a date of visit in advance. The price of weekend tickets is 1200 rubles.

As in previous years, children under the age of 14 can enter the exhibition free of charge accompanied by parents.

Visiting the media platform offering the best conditions for photo and video shooting in 2021 is estimated at 11,000 rubles in pre-sale and 13,000 rubles on the eve of and during the exhibition. The Media Platform ticket gives you the right to visit the exhibition once on one of the days from 20 to 25 July.

The online store of aviation and space souvenirs "Premiere MAKS" is also preparing for the opening of MAKS-2021. Especially for the salon, a limited collection "I'm going to MAKS" has been released, which includes a T-shirt, a water bottle, a shopping bag and a protective mask. Aviation fans who make purchases of limited edition goods for more than 1500 rubles will receive a promotional code that entitles them to buy two entrance tickets to visit the salon on one of the public days at a special price of 500 rubles per ticket.

"MAKS guests have a wonderful opportunity to come to the exhibition in clothes and accessories with the symbols of the 2021 event. We are grateful to our friends who will support the MAKS brand, and as a token of gratitude we offer them tickets at very good price," V. Sovetkin.

Business entrance tickets of the "Business" category are offered for business visitors, which enables their holder to visit the exhibition once on any day from July 20 to 25. The cost of such a ticket is 3,500 rubles.

In addition to entrance tickets, the sale of parking passes has started. This pass entitles visitors to place their cars and buses in special parking lots located in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition complex. A coupon for parking lots No. 3 and No. 7 costs 3000 rubles, for parking lot No. 2 - 4,000 rubles. Accommodation in the bus parking lot costs 7,000 rubles. The parking pass is valid for one entrance.

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