Egypt & Greece Conduct An Ephemeral Maritime Exercise

Egyptian and Greek Naval Forces have carried out an ephemeral maritime exercise in the Area of Responsibility of Egypt's Northern Fleet. A number of different training activities of a professional nature were implemented. 

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This ephemeral maritime exercise "aims to deepen the exchange of experiences with the armed forces of brotherly and friendly countries," the Egyptian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

According to the statement of Egypt's MoD, the Egyptian frigate Taba and the Greek warship HS HYDRA (F- 452) took part in the exercise.

"These exercises come within the framework of supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and Greek armed forces [...] in addition to supporting special efforts to benefit from the bilateral capabilities in achieving the common interests of both sides and supporting the efforts of security and maritime stability in the region," added the Ministry.

The Egyptian Navy is a significant regional power in the Middle East and North Africa. It is mainly responsible for the protection of more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, defense of approaches to the Suez Canal, and support for army operations. 

With the arrival of President Al-Sisi to office, he started a modernization plan of the Egyptian Armed Forces including the navy. This plan of modernizing the navy has so far included the development of infrastructure of the naval units as developing of the main maritime bases to contain a large number of Naval vessels and troops, dividing the navy forces into two combat fleets one in the Mediterranean and the other in the Red sea to make the navy work independently in the strategic directions and also to divide the modernization plan among the two fleets, as well as the acquisition of equipment and naval vessels.

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