Egyptian Naval Forces Recieve 1st Indeginous Corvette

The Egyptian Naval Forces have received the first Gowind-Class corvette manufactured in Egypt 100% by the Alexandria Shipyard company in cooperation with France’s Naval Group. Egypt's Ministry of Defence Released a statement marking this historic event.

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"As a continuation of the armed forces' efforts to support the combat and technical capabilities of their members", said the Ministry.

A ceremony for receiving the first stealth frigate "Port Said" of the Gowind-Class from the Alexandria Shipyard was held earlier this week. This project is seen as "a continuation of the armed forces' efforts to support the combat and technical capabilities of their members," said the statement.

Now the corvette is ready to join the Egyptian Navy fleet, which has recently witnessed a technological breakthrough. Tremendous weapons systems and combat efficiency according to the latest global systems.

"The frigate "Port Said" is one of the most important marine pieces that were built in the Alexandria Shipyard Company with 100% Egyptian arms in cooperation with the French company "Naval Group", which is one of the fortresses of French industry in the technology of building and manufacturing ships, and the construction of this frigate is a real challenge to the capabilities of men of the arsenal, being a new class of ships capable of carrying out various combat actions. It is also distinguished by an integrated combat monitoring system against ships, planes and submarines, and all this has been reflected in the complexity and accuracy of the design and the quality standards required to be achieved in construction.

The Commander of the Navy emphasised the determination of Egypt to "implement a comprehensive strategy to develop and modernise the Egyptian fleet in order to enhance security and stability in the naval forces' work areas and [Egypt's] economic waters, and to support the ability to face the challenges and dangers that the region is witnessing, as well as to manage modern naval units with high combat capabilities, and to prepare and qualify young cadres who are trained and qualified at the highest level."

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