France & Egypt Conduct Drills in the Mediterranean

French and Egyptian naval forces conducted joint military drills in the Mediterranean on 1 October. By carrying out these exercises, the two countries work toward maintaining maritime security, stability and peace in the Mediterranean region.

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These naval drills in the mediterranean come in light of a plan to raise the level of combat training and exchange expertise with the armed forces of Egypt’s friendly countries, said the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces on Thursday.

The Egyptian FREMM frigate "Tayha Misr," the "209/1400" submarine, as well as the French "Latouche-Treville" submarine took part in theses exercise.

The joint exercise involved securing areas against probable submarine night attacks, electron warfare training and training to deter asymmetrical threats, as well as training on various sailing formations and conducting signal transportation exercises.

"The training also included a simulation of protecting a ship of special importance while crossing a dangerous area and training on the measures taken by warships of different countries to protect economic zones on the high seas. The training showed the efficiency of the Egyptian and French naval crews participating in the implementation of the tasks assigned to them," added spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

This is the third joint exercise carried out by France and Egypt, earlier they conducted joint exercises in February and July.

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