GÖKBEY Helicopter’s 2nd Engine Prototype for Tested

Tests of prototypes of engines for Turkey's first indigenous multirole helicopter, GÖKBEY, are in progress. The first engine prototype to be tested was the TS3, and now the second one has passed the same tests as well.

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In its statement, Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) said that "The first ignition and operation of the TS4 turboshaft engine were successfully carried out on 6 January 2021." The statement was released following tests of the TEI-TS1400 engine's prototype.

TEI noted that the project will use four engine test units in order to accelerate the process of completing the necessary certification efforts.  

According to Turkey's Anadolu Agency, the second prototype of Turkey's first indigenous helicopter engine successfully ignited on Tuesday.

GÖKBEY Multirole Helicopter is a new generation, twin-engine, 6-ton class helicopter developed in response to the growing market demand for higher mission flexibility in this class.

Within the scope of the contract signed between Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) in 2013, GÖKBEY Multirole Helicopter is being developed for both domestic and international markets.

The first prototype aircraft has successfully performed its first flight on 6 September 2018 at its facilities Ankara, Turkey. Serial production is expected to start after 2021.