India To Buy Sprut SDM1 Light Tanks

India is holding talks with Russia to buy Sprut SDM1 light tanks. The newly developed tank is useful in high altitude areas.

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The Sprut SDM1 tank is still under trial, but source cited by the Economic Times said that the new tank "could be inducted in India as well for a series of rigorous field tests before the deal is finalised."

Amid the conflict with China Ladakh’s Galwan valley, India's government gave an order in July for an emergency procurement of light tanks for deployment in high-altitude conditions.

Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank,first unveiled in 2016, is an upgraded version of the Sprut-SD tank operated by the Russian Airborne Troops. It is designed and developed by Russian machine building company, Tractor Plants Concern.

The tank is mainly made to deliver attack capability to the infantry troops against armoured targets and enemy fortifications. It offers a high level of protection for the ground forces from enemy threats, and is also suited for reconnaissance and security missions.

Since 5 May 2020, Chinese and Indian troops have engaged in an aggressive conflict at locations along the Sino-Indian border, including near the disputed Pangong Lake in Ladakh and the Tibet Autonomous Region, and near the border between Sikkim and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Additional clashes also took place at locations in eastern Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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