GÖKBEY Undergoes First Full-Scale Static Test

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAS) is conducting a full scale static test for critical parts of the domestic helicopter GÖKBEY. The company announced this in a Tweet published today.

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This is the biggest and most comprehensive test in the history of the company and in Turkey.

According to Anadolu Agency,  the entire helicopter body will be loaded and critical parts will be tested. While the full-length static test is carried out with 96 control channels, while the helicopter body will be loaded at 96 different points and directions.

The agency adds that sensor data will be collected from approximately 2 thousand channels in the full-scale static test, which includes 32 different test scenarios. Collected data will be analysed by extracting structural strain maps on the body. At the end of the tests, the structural strength limits of the helicopter fuselage will be revealed and the safe flight and certification processes will be initiated.

GÖKBEY is a general-purpose helicopter, part of the Original Helicopter Program carried out with the aim of meeting the general-purpose helicopter needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and other authorities in need with a unique platform was launched by the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) convened on June 15, 2010.

Featuring the capability of carrying out a wide range of missions, the helicopter can carry out carriage, VIP, cargo, air ambulance, search and rescue, and offshore transport missions.

Tureky's first domestic general-Purpose Helicopter, GÖKBEY, flew for the first time on 06 September 2018, and is projected to be serially manufactured by 2021. 

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