Iran’s First Transport Dock-Helicopter Carrier Warship

Iran is to launch its first transport dock-helicopter carrier warship in November on Navy Day, said Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi. The carrier is named Khalij-e Fars (Persian Gulf).

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“We are trying to launch in November the first navy transport dock-helicopter carrier warship with the capability to carry helicopters and drones and a collection of missiles and arms systems,” Khanzadi said.

According to Khanzadi, the carrier can voyage around the Earth three times with one time of fuelling, noting that the vessel can stay in the ocean for a long time and to develop a defence and security stability in the region.

The ship will carry up to 7 helicopters, an assortment of drones and electronic warfare equipment among others. It will have a span of 231 meters. The ship will be larger than China’s Type 071 ATD which measures 210 meters in length and carries up to 4 helicopters.

Dena destroyer, Saba mine-hunter, and Zereh missile boat will be unveiled in November as well.

Iran is also building its fourth Fateh submarine is being developed with air-independent propulsion (AIP).

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