Turkey is Developing a New UV, the “Small Tank”

The "small tank"is an armoured vehicle that will join the group of unmanned vehicles developed by the Turkish defence industries with local capabilities, to meet the needs of the security forces and the army in the country, reports Anadolu Agency.

  • The vehicle will have the feature of remote control and self-driving
  • The vehicle will be provided with electric and hybrid models and will have a low thermal imprint
  • The small tank will be able to work efficiently on various lands and roads

The vehicle's production comes within the framework of gradually increasing the use of unmanned systems in the areas of defence and security and the increasing need for smart unmanned systems to carry out defence, reconnaissance, surveillance and logistical support activities quickly and effectively without incurring losses in individuals, especially in conditions of asymmetric warfare.

The new unmanned vehicle, which Asilsan and Catamargel are working on, will have remote control and autonomous driving, as well as electric, hybrid and low-temperature thermal models. It will also have a reinforced suspension and belt system, in addition to the ability to work efficiently on different lands and roads.

The control platform of vehicle will have the ability to drive stably in various conditions even while climbing ramps at an angle of up to 60 degrees, and the ability to shoot and move quickly, in addition to the ability to use the shield and various systems. The control range of the unmanned vehicle will be increased to become unlimited by connecting it to satellite system.

The control platform will provide the user with many options that allow them to be used in multiple missions, whether with light and heavy weapons stations, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles, or missile launchers.

The new vehicle will be able, through its characteristics, to patrol the borders on its own, map the areas it is traveling in and inform the centre with information about the area surveyed and the targets it has detected. It will also work through its developed version to monitor and destroy targets automatically by integrating them with the "Sarb" weapons system developed by "Asilsan", and it can be controlled remotely as well.

In this context, the head of the Turkish defence industries, Ismail Demir, said that they had signed an agreement with the company "Asilsan" to produce unmanned land armoured vehicles. Demir pointed out that the armoured unmanned vehicles, that "Katmargiler" will produce their platforms, will be delivered the Land Forces Command.

He added that the project includes the development and production of unmanned land vehicles that carry out the tasks of reconnaissance, surveillance and goal setting. He pointed out that vehicles can be equipped with weapons systems or any other systems, and can be controlled remotely, and they will have excellent mobility and the feature of self-driving.

On the other hand, Demir indicated that the Turkish defence industries will soon deliver the auxiliary robots to the Turkish army.

To date, "Asilsan" has managed to manufacture multiple products in the field of unmanned systems that enjoy high technology and has delivered them to the Turkish Armed Forces.

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