Su-35s of Egypt Spotted in Moscow

New photos of the Su-35s of Egypt have been released. The photos were taken in Moscow on 7 December. The photos were taken by Artyom Anikeev.

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The Su-35 fighters were spotted in Moscow, Ramenskoye. The fighters appearing in the photos carry the tail numbers "9212" and "9213".

Egypt and Russia had signed a contract, the details of which officially were published last May - (CAIRO / N / AF / ROSOBORONEXPORT / 2018/10 (P / 1781811151143) which sites Egypt, making it officially the first customer of the Su-35 in the region.

The first delivery of the aircraft is planned before the end of 2020; the contract should be fully implemented by 2023.

About Su-35

Su-35  was created by the Design Bureau. P.O. Sukhoi as a development of the Su-27 fighter. General management of the creation of the aircraft was carried out by the General Designer of the Design Bureau M.P. Simonov. The development of a multi-purpose modification of the T-10M / Su-27M began in the early 1980s.

Between 1989-1994  a total of 12 prototypes of the Su-35 were produced, but in the late 1990s the program was discontinued.

In 2005, a decision was made to resume the development of the Su-35. The first prototype of the second generation Su-35 - the T-10BM aircraft board No. 901 - performed its first flight at the Gromov LII at the Ramenskoye airfield on February 19, 2008, by the pilot - Sergey Bogdan.


T-10M / Su-27M  - an experimental prototype of the Su-35, based on serial copies of the Su-27. First flight on July 28, 1988. A total of 7 aircraft were produced.

Su-35 / T-10M-8  - pre-production of Su-35. 5 aircrafts were produced between 1992-1995.

Su-35  - serial aircraft, a total of 3 aircrafts were produced in 1995.

Su-37 / T-10M-11  - experimental aircraft Su-37 - fighter with engines with a controlled thrust vector, converted T-10M-11. The first flight as a Su-37 was on April 2, 1996

Su-35UB / T-10UBM  - combat training aircraft Su-35, the first flight on August 7, 2000. The aircraft was created on the basis of the Su-30MKK and differs from it in other engines.

Su-35 / Su-35BM / T-10BM  - prototypes of the Su-35 second generation. The aircraft lacks PGO, the glider is strengthened, the shape of the keels is changed - it has become more like the classic Su-27 shape, a new “board” is installed on the aircraft. A new type of engine was used - AL-41F1S / “product 117C”, which provides supersonic flight without afterburner. Engines are equipped with a controlled thrust vector. The first flight was completed on February 19, 2008.

Su-35S  - serial aircraft of the second generation Su-35. Production of the series began in 2010 at KnAAPO (Komsomolsk-on-Amur). The first Su-35S made its first flight in Ramenskoye 07.07.2008