Ukraine Tests ‘Neptune’ Missile System

The press service of the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces said that Ukraine continues to test the Neptune land-based cruise missile system at the Alibey training ground in the south of Odessa region.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on its Facebook page that flight tests are conducted with radio jamming being applied to test the warhead's resistance to e-warfare, and Su-27 (Flanker) fighter jets are also involved in drills.

Earlier in February, the Ministry of Defence had announced that the completion of state testing of the “Neptune” and "Vilkha’ complexes is planned and their full funding is ensured in 2020.

The Neptune missile system is a land-based cruise missile system with an anti-ship missile, designed to defeat battleships such as cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, landing ships, tank landing ships and transports, which operate independently and in naval groups and landing units, as well as coastal radio-contrast targets, amid favourable and adverse weather conditions, at any time of day and year, under active fire and radio-electronic counteraction of the enemy.