S-400 Drills in Crimea

The drills involve the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation and air defence, aviation and air defence of the Southern Military District, S-400 missile air defence crews, located on the Crimean Peninsula, and more than 20 military planes.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet press service announced today that planes and S-400 air defence systems deflect a massive missile strike of the mock enemy during the bilateral military exercise of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Southern Military District aviation and air defence in Crimea.
According to the Fleet, in the drill scenario "aviation and missile defences, deployed in Crimea, provide the peninsula’s air defence, while the Southern Military District aviation, based on the mainland, conducts the offensive."
The drills are led by Southern Military District commander Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov. Actions of all forces are monitored with means of objective control. The command will analyse the received data in the course of the effectiveness evaluation.
The attacking party seeks to secure the air supremacy by destroying targets at the Opuk proving ground. At the same time, the defence planes cover the S-400 crews and deflect the enemy’s massive missile strike. "The airbase services of the opposing forces practice various methods of restoration of the operational capability of the planes and the crew using non-standard approaches," the press service added.

Source - TASS

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