Finland to Aquire Pre-series Patria 6×6

The Finnish Defence Forces has signed the agreement with Patria to acquire  Patria 6x6 vehicles as a pre-series related to the joint 6x6 vehicle programme between Latvia, Finland, Estonia and Patria. The agreement was announced today by Patria's press service.

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According to the statement, the pre-series vehicles will be in test use of the Finnish Defence Forces before the final serial order indicated by the Letter of Intent signed at the end of August 2021.

“With pre-series testing, the customer can get acquainted with the vehicle, its usage and operating features comprehensively beforehand, thus ensuring the fluent and effective establishment of operational readiness when the serial order deliveries begin. All three vehicles will be delivered to the customer in summer 2022”, says Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President, Finland Division of Patria.

The joint programme is progressing as planned. In Latvia, the first vehicles are already in use and serial production is underway. Finland has made the decision about the pre-series vehicles, and Sweden is preparing to join the programme. The joint 6x6 programme has arisen interest and is open to other countries with mutual consent of the participating countries.

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