Putin & Shoigu Discuss Defence Matters After Navy Day Parade

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had a meeting with his Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu on 26 July. At this meeting they discussed state armaments program and defence budget.

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"First is the further progress of the State Armament Programme. Much has been done. Fairly recently you attended keel-laying ceremonies for open-ocean and high-seas vessels. Apart from that, there are several issues that I think can contribute to improving the quality and increasing the volume of the quantitative part of the State Armament Programme," said Shoigu.

In addition to that, Shoigu put forward the issue of  defence budget for 2021, saying that were several proposals ready for discussion.

"And the third topic obviously concerns everything connected with prospects for the development of our research component, in particular, relating to the programme for upgrading the military industrial complex," added Shoigu.

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