The Russia-China Project within the CR929 Program has Finished the Test Run

Another wind-tunnel test phase has been finished in Zhukovsky under the program of Russia-China wide-body long-haul airliner CR929 to be jointly constructed by Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). 


The wind-tunnel simulation of the high speed standard model (HSM) made to a scale of 1:39 for the wing-fuselage configuration was carried out for a week by specialists of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) with the participation of UAC and COMAC in transonic wind tunnel T-128. 

HSM was designed by joint efforts of Russian and Chinese aerodynamics specialists. Within a year the same tests as part of CR929 program were conducted in China and UN. 

“Test runs carried out in different countries supplied us with the data that we may use as a basis for adequate comparison of results. The information obtained will enable the more precise forecast of CR929 airliner’s aerodynamic behavior in actual flight conditions”, Maksim Litvinov, the Chief Designer of CR929 representing Russia, explains. 

In addition to practical importance for CR929 program, HSM test results on the whole are essential for development of the Russian aeronautical engineering. 

“We’re able to compare wind-tunnel test results of the same standard model of several countries. This is the first case of the kind in our practice”, - Anton Gorbushin, the Head of the Aircraft Aerodynamics and Dynamics Research Center of TsAGI says. 

At present the Russian and Chinese specialists in cooperation with TsAGI are carrying out the detailed analysis of the entire test sequence and preparing a report, which results will be taken into account in engineering works under CR929 program.

Source - UAC

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