The Yak-130 used as a fighter in Algeria

The Russian Yak-130 is well accustomed to the Algerian sky. It is a jet trainer and fighter that is used not only for training of pilots but as a light fighter as well. According to TV reports, it is involved in this or other way in every major training drill where the aircraft has used various weapons at ground targets. It is not surprising in any way - as soon as the Yak-130 was known to be supplied to Algeria, the air force command was reported to have intentions of using it in combat missions as well.

The ten-ton Yak-130 may carry up to 3,000 kg of various payloads including air bombs, unguided rockets, and 23-mm quick-firing gun pods. There are 9 hardpoints in total.

In addition to attack missions, the Yak-130 is effective in fighting air targets, for which purpose air-to-air rockets are provided.

Heat flare firing systems are installed to protect from an enemy.

At present the Yak-130 has been adopted by the Air Forces of Russia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Myanmar and Laos. It is likely to be purchased by several states more.

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Algerian light fighters Yak-130 doing close air support tasks during exercices conducted in the 2nd military region in the west of algeria 05.12.2019







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