Norwegian Jet Fighters Exercise with US B-1 Bomber

Today, US B-1 strategic bombers exercised in the airspace over both Norway and Sweden. Norway’s Defence command said that this exercise was one of the largest of its kind, and several allied and partners trained along with the US B-1.

“Today we have conducted complex flight operations with advanced systems, both on ground and in the air,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ståle Nymoen in a statement published by Norwegian Defence . He is commander of the 332 skvadron which operates the F-35s from Ørland air base.

According to this statement, the US bombers trained in several countries, including in Norwegian airspace along with four Norwegian F-35s. "For Norway, this is a high priority training opportunity."

The exercise included complex air, control, and alert operations.  The Norwegian statement added that such exercise provides good experience in both planning and execution of major operations.

“The fact that we manage to operate together increases our ability to defend Norway together with our allies,” Lt. Col. Nymoen says.