Death Stranding Exoskeleton May Become the “Future Soldier’s” Suit. Comment

“Death Stranding Exoskeletons is by no means a distant future that only computer games feature but advanced developments, the wide integration of which we may see any time soon. As soon as the next 2 or 3 years, exoskeletons for carrying heavy loads without power supplies, passive ones, will be launched to mass production. Within 4-6 years production of active exoskeletons may start.

Thus, the power exoskeleton model developed by Rostec to assist in carrying heavy loads has already been tested in combat conditions, during Syria Campaign as well. Currently an issue of bringing this exoskeleton in service is under consideration. It’s entirely possible that the exoskeleton will become the third generation’s suit which development is expected to commence in 2020.The exoskeleton is likely to be a component of suits worn by specialists who have to carry heavy weights to long distances, such as special forces soldiers, de-miners, and others.

Besides, exoskeletons assisting in cross-country running are under development at present. Schematic diagrams of such devices have been already designed, samples are nearly finished. Currently power supplies of such devices are being developed: the exoskeleton shall function in off-line mode for a long time. This requires proper storage batteries: reliable, powerful and light ones. Creation of such power supply elements will provide numerous opportunities for new kinds of active exoskeletons - running, jumping, swimming ones and others”.

According to experts of TSNIITOCHMASH, Rostec State Corporation

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