NEMESIS-2020 Multinational Exercise

The Ministry of Defence of Cyprus has announced that on 14 October the multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2020” took place. Personnel from Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel and Italy, as well as 6 vessels of private companies participated in the exercise.

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This is the seventh consecutive year of the multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2020.” The exercise was coordinated by the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping, the National Guard, the Cyprus Police and the Fisheries Department.

The exercise included scenarios for dealing with terrorist activity on a hydrocarbon mining platform, boarding on suspicious ships, firefighting on ships, evacuating the wounded, mass rescue due to abandonment of the platform, as well as pollution of marine environment.

In order to deal with the above scenarios, the pilot application of 3 Special National Plans (SNP) was required, which are included in the Basic National Crisis Plan “ZENON”. Specifically, the SNP “ASPIDA” of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, which concerns the confrontation with terrorist acts, the SNP “TEFKROS” of the Ministry of Defence, which concerns mass rescue after a maritime accident, and the SNP “ORFEAS” of the Ministry of Agriculture, which concerns the dealing with marine pollution, were engaged.

The conclusions of the exercise and the pilot implementation of the three Special National Plans were recorded and, following their evaluation, they will be similarly handled by everyone involved so as to further improve the procedures applied to deal with risk situations that may arise in the implementation of our energy program.

A total of 21 vessels and 12 aircraft participated in the exercise said the Cypriot Ministry of Defence.

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