«YeletsGidroAgregat» PLC: Experience Plus Innovation

In September 2014, “YeletsGidroAgregat” PLC celebrated its 70th anniversary. Over the years, the company managed not only to survive, but to carry out large-scale changes, which allowed it to take a leading position in the market of hydraulic components in Russia and the countries of the CIS. The factory was founded in the ancient town…
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Arzamas Instrument Plant: Heading for the Development

INSET: Arzamas Instrument Plant (AIP) named after P. I. Plandin JSC is a leader of the country’s defense and industry complex. It is the world-renowned plant manufacturing instruments for aviation, missile, space industries as well as a wide range of civil-purpose products. For more than 50 years the company has accumulated a vast experience in the design and…
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Innovation Implementation: Imperative Demand of Our Time

  Oleg Lavrichev: “Innovations are one of the key components that define our company’s performance today” Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC is one of the leading national defense companies producing world-class instruments and devices for the aviation, missile and space industries, including a wide range of commercial products, basically, flow measuring instrumentation and medical equipment. Oleg…
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Family of underwater gliders – new prospects

A. Gaykovich, PhD in Engineering Science, Deputy General Director, JSС “NPP PT “OCEANOS” JSC “NPP PT “Oceanos” has been working on its own initiative since 2011 in collaboration with the State Marine Technical University of St.-Petersburg (SMTU) and other higher academic institutions of the country on building a family of underwater vehicles with predominantly hydrodynamic principles of…
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The new engine by JSC “Zvezda” is by 70% localized

In 2011 a number of sub-programs under the Federal Special Purpose Program “National Technological Base” was launched, one of which concerned the diesel engine manufacturing. JSC “Zvezda” is one of the key enterprises in the implementation of the subprogram. Our interviewee today is Pavel Plavnik, Chairman of the Board of Directors. - Mr. Plavnik, what…
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