Su-30SM2 Delivery to the Aerospace Forces Starts

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) handed over the first upgraded Su-30SM2 fighters to the Ministry of Defence. UAC has started the delivery of upgraded Su-30SM2 fighters to the Russian Armed Forces.

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"The planes are fully equipped, have withstood all tests, and have been accepted by the military representative office," said Alexander Veprev, CEO of Irkut Corporation.

The upgraded fighter retained the main advantages of the Su-30SM aircraft: super maneuverability, long flight range, airborne radar with a phased-array antenna, a crew of two people providing simultaneous air combat, and the engagement of ground targets. Su-30SM 2 aircraft are characterized by increased combat capabilities.

Veprev added that as part of the modernization of the Su-30SM in the Su-30SM2 version, imported equipment was replaced with domestic analogs. The fighter received improved tactical and technical characteristics of an optical-electronic aiming and navigation system, electronic countermeasure equipment, and a radar control system to increase the detection range of air targets. In addition, the nomenclature of the air-to-air, air-to-surface guided aircraft weapons used for air, ground, including radar and sea targets has been expanded with an increase in the range of their use.

The new version, Su-30SM2 became a result of a research and development project, designed to increase combat capabilities and import substitution of foreign components on the basic Su-30SM. At the same time, the upgraded fighter was supposed to become a step in the process of Su-30SM and Su-35S unification.

The Su-30SM fighters, which entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces of the Navy, have proven themselves well during operation in the military. In addition, the fighter, ideal in terms of price-quality ratio, was chosen as the "single fighter of the CSTO”.

Source: UAC

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