Heart of the Swarm

The Russian Aerospace Forces will receive a flying drone control center. It was stated during the visit of the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to the first specialized factory for the production of large-size unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Dubna, built by “Kronstadt” company.

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Sergey Surovikin, the Commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces presented to the Minister a station for an operator of drones, allowing to manage 16 devices at a time. The Commander stated that the same equipment will be applied to a flying drone control center.

Experts say that such centers will allow to control of a new generation of drones and use them to strike over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. At the same time, it will be possible to combine UAVs of different military branches. Such equipment will increase the range of communication, ensure its reliability, and make operators almost invulnerable.

It is reported that flying control centers are planned to be created in two versions: on the basis of an aircraft or a helicopter. There will be stations for drone operators and powerful communication equipment. This will allow controlling a group of UAVs of different sizes and purposes.

— To control groups of drones, you will need a spacious platform with long flight duration, - said Vladislav Shurygin, a military expert, to Izvestia - After all, the crew of even one large drone consists of several people. It can be a pilot, payload operators - cameras, radar, weapons. Given the duration of the flight, reaching a day or more, there may be a need for several crews. In addition to placing equipment for all people, it will be necessary to provide them with normal conditions.

Helicopter command posts are not used now, but, as Izvestia stated, their design is already underway on the basis of new Mi-38 transport helicopters. Communication equipment with certain drones is being prepared for helicopters and airborne early warning and control aircraft.

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