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Midivisana LLC established in 1992 is now a diversified scientific and industrial organization. The company produces more than 150 various models and modifications of special (specialized) equipment and vans for the needs of the country.


According to interests of ministries and departments of military organizations from a number of countries, the company produces a wide range of systems, staff and special vehicles, mobile strategic, operational and tactical control centers on the base of variable and constant volume containers of modular type of own unique design on the chassis of any manufacturer, to customer's request. The company produces more than 150 various models and modifications of special (specialized) equipment and vans for the needs of the country.

The set of staff modular vehicles (consisting of four modules) is designed to organize workplaces for senior management and operational staff of the mobile command and control centers and mobile situational centers in the absence or destruction of infrastructure.

The set is equipped with automated workstations (20–40) with individual (including interactive) and collective means of displaying information, telephone, radio and microcellular (trunking) communications (including satellite), video conferencing equipment. Everything is controlled via the automated system of multimedia equipment. The set has several stand-alone automation segments organized with Internet and Ethernet technologies.

The deployment time by crew of eight persons is 60–15 minutes. The working area in the deployed state is 100 m2.

The staff vehicle with variable volume body-container (“Makhaon”) is used to create mobile control units of various levels used both independently and as a part of mobile command and control centers, situational centers, and other mobile units. The new generation of product includes a possibility to implement electromechanical (via remote control) deployment and tear-down with a reduced crew (1–2 people – 20–10 min), allows to form ergonomic automated workstations with permanently mounted active and multimedia equipment.

The company has developed various versions of the body-container, which differ from the base one by composition and individual specifications of systems and equipment, furniture, quantity, geometry, and doors and windows arrangement.

The mobile operating-resuscitation unit is designed to provide military personnel and civilians with specialized medical care during the rectification of consequences of natural disasters, major accidents, man-made and biological disasters or armed conflicts.

The unit includes the staff vehicle with a variable volume body-container (operating room, resuscitation room), a trailer with a constant volume body-container (auxiliary module, DGS), a pneumatic module (emergency room), a pneumatic module (intensive therapy).

Мобильный операционный комплекс_Midivisana LLC

The mobile navigation and topographic system is designed for rapid automated solutions for the survey support of the troops at the operational-tactical and tactical level.

It can be used for the missile and artillery units, reconnaissance units, as well as for other law enforcement agencies and departments.

It solves the problem of monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the area in respect of surveying, as well as geo-information decision-making support.

The unit is equipped with a set of a real-time monitoring of the area based on the unmanned aerial vehicles, a hardware-software complex for processing, storage and replication of geospatial information, a set of geodetic instruments.

The mobile navigation and geodetic unit is designed to promptly perform the tasks on the topographic and geodetic preparation of troops combat employment areas, troops combat elements survey, video and photo shooting of terrain while conducting a topographic survey, determining plane coordinates and terrain elevation points along the routes of troops movements, solution of geo-information computational tasks, determining their own location with automatic display on the electronic terrain map using the integrated navigation equipment.

The unit is fitted with a set of equipment, a set of optical-electronic means of high-resolution, an integrated navigation and information complex, a set of geodetic instruments, a set of special software.

The mobile printing complex is designed for the in-the-field editing and publication of updated topographic and special maps, photographic documents of the area, combat graphic documents, and other printed documents, as well as operative reprint of individual sheets of topographic maps, registration, temporary storage and distribution of printed documents.

It is equipped with modules of preparation for publication and printing, with the constituent system of large-format color high-performance printing, storage and finishing module, life support module, hardware-software complex for processing, storage and replication of geospatial information.

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