Putin Meets Commission of Military-Technical Cooperation

President Vladimir Putin held a videoconference of the Commission for Military Technical Cooperation with Foreign States. The meeting included heads of a number of the Russian defence industry enterprises. The meeting summed up the results of military technical cooperation between Russia and foreign states in 2019, and identified the main areas of development of this sector for the near future.

President Putin stressed in this meeting that the more efficiently enterprises operate in this global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, the more chances Russia will have to promote its products on the international arms markets.

"Tackling the challenges of military technical cooperation is always difficult. International competition is very high. And additional risks, this is quite clear today, are associated with the spread of the coronavirus infection, which had an extremely negative impact on the entire global economy," said President Putin.

As a solution to the current global crisis, Putin stated that Russian enterprises need to make flexible and prompt adjustments to the forms and methods of their work, and that effective ways have to be found in order to maintain Russia’s leading positions in the export of military products.

Putin confirmed that the results Russia's of military technical cooperation in 2019 were certainly positive:

"Despite the generally unfavourable situation and tough competition, the system of military technical cooperation with foreign states worked successfully. We not only implemented our plans in full, but also exceeded them by two percent. Military equipment totalling over $15 billion was delivered abroad. The order portfolio amounts to over $55 billion. Our partners include about one hundred countries."

He added that hosting the Russia-Africa Summit in October last year gave a good impetus. New contracts totalling about $1 billion were signed with African states.

One factor that was in favour of the Russian arms sales was the combat use of domestic weapons, which, in particular, demonstrated their excellence in Syria. "Their effectiveness, precision, reliability and low-maintenance are the qualities that determine the demand in the global arms market," added Putin

The President expressed his confidence that "Russian military equipment will remain competitive and in demand due to its unique features and characteristics, as well as the most advanced developments."

He finally complemented the efforts of the defence sector workers and organisations which played a significant role in the excellent performance of the Russian defence industry in 2019.

Source - Official website of the President of Russia

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