Su-57 Potential Buyers Line Up

Anatoliy Serdyukov, the Industrial Director for the State Corporation Rostec's Aviation Cluster, said that Russia's Fifth-Generation Su-57 is now ready for export after having met the order of the Russian Armed Forces, reports TASS.

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"It is unlikely that there will be a significant demand until we ship enough machines in our own army. […] So, our number one goal is to ship the pale to the Russian Armed Forces. Meanwhile, we offer this machine to the foreigners, we conduct our advertisement campaign," TASS quoted Serdyukov.

Earlier in June this year, Sukhoi Company announced its plans  to start the serial production of an export version of the Su-57 stealth fighter and thus enter it into the combat drones market. 

“The long-term prospects for the company in the market of military aircraft are related to the serial production of the Su-57 (PAK FA, T-50) and its export version, as well as the entry of unmanned aircraft systems into the market,” said JSC Sukhoi Company in its annual report for the year 2019

On the sidelines of the VI International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020, the spokeswoman of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Maria Vorobyova said to reporters that several countries have sent official bids for the purchase of the latest fifth-generation Su-57 fighters from Russia. 

"Despite the fact that this is a new sample of Russian military products, a number of official applications for its supply have been received already," Vorobyova said.

The fifth-generation Su-57 fighter is designated to destroy all types of air, ground and naval targets. The aircraft develops supersonic cruising speed, carries armament inside its fuselage, features stealth coating and the latest onboard equipment.

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