2015, №1 (33)

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Innovation Implementation: Imperative Demand of Our Time

  Oleg Lavrichev: “Innovations are one of the key components that define our company’s performance today” Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC is one of the leading national defense companies producing world-class instruments and devices for the aviation, missile and space industries, including a wide range of commercial products, basically, flow measuring instrumentation and medical equipment. Oleg…
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What is the Cost of Border with Ukraine?

  The equipment of one kilometer of the border will cost up to USD 1 mln. The expenditures for providing infrastructure in the near-border area shall be added to the above cost.   Text: Sergei Fedotov The length of the Russian-Ukrainian border is about 2,250 km, including 1,925.8 km of onshore border (land – 1,500.2 km,…
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Ship Captains are Required for Geological Exploration

  In the Soviet era, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau was involved in design of all the models of Air Cushion Crafts or ACC intended for the Soviet Navy, such as Skat, Kalmar and Jeyran LCACs, including the Zubr Class system, the world’s largest landing craft. In the interview below, Dmitry Tsymlyakov, the ACC…
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Shield and Sword of Import Substitution

The past year has posed a number of challenges for Russia that have not been approached as critical before. It is already clear now that if the country intends to preserve its economical independence it can not do without import substitution.   Text:  Oleg Bystritsky Complex of inevitabilities As the international cooperation continued to develop,…
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Shipbuilding: by Our Own Efforts and In-House Only 

 According to statement of Dmitry Rogozin, Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation in Twitter “we will build our fleet by our own efforts and in-house only” Text: Igor Chubakha   [caption id="attachment_10591" align="alignleft" width="300"] The French helicopter transport ship Mistral sits docked at a quay on the Neva River in central St. Petersburg near the celebrated…
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Electronics: we are not technological slaves

One of the segments of Russian economy, which needs import substitution to a maximum extent, is the sphere of IТ technologies.       Text:  Nikolai Bromilev Original code “Today we are in the unique situation, uniquely bad, when we have only 10 % of electronic equipment, new equipment in the Russian market delivered from…
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Go East

Due to the increasing economic potential of the Asia-Pacific region Russia reorients the export flows of energy to the East. After that, it is likely to come to a possible partnership in the segments of high-tech industries.  Text: Semyon GalyasinDue to the transition to a multipolar system of international relations, the export map of the world…
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