Innovation Implementation: Imperative Demand of Our Time


Oleg Lavrichev: “Innovations are one of the key components that define our company’s performance today”

Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC is one of the leading national defense companies producing world-class instruments and devices for the aviation, missile and space industries, including a wide range of commercial products, basically, flow measuring instrumentation and medical equipment.

Oleg Lavrichev

Oleg Lavrichev, the General Director of Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC, says, “Today, defense companies are the major players on the national market. The development of the new long-term 2016-2025 State Armament Programme is in progress, the President of Russia has taken personal control of the Military-Industrial Commission. With available advanced production and technological potential, skillful and well-trained team and fully upgraded equipment, our company is able to perform top-priority national security tasks. These tasks are directly related to innovations, i.e. advanced systems production and innovative technology implementation”.

Every year, the enterprise approves the General Plan for new products development, testing and large-scale production launch. One of the company’s advanced developments is the micromechanical accelerometer. This device co-designed by AIP JSC and Bauman Moscow State Technical University is based on a conceptually new silicon electronics technology that allows to develop an advanced high-precision measuring instrument and define its application – the next generation of armament.

Another latest development is the roller-screw actuator with an inverter-fed motor, “the first Russian high-load electric drive”, according to the AIP designers.  This powerful and high load capacity drive provides the highest precision and robustness and fits to applications associated with high loads, rapid rotation, rapid linear motion, and high rates of acceleration. Application: large-size aircraft (passenger airplanes, heavy unmanned aerial vehicles)

A wide experience of the AIP personnel in production of precision suspension supports (the OPSh series) intended for high-precision float-type instruments used for many applications including the space industry, allowed the company in co-operation with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Academician Pilyugin Scientific-production Center of Automatics and Instrument-making” to develop a new modification of the suspension support, the custom-designed D-07 support. This project is another proof of reliable partnership that AIP JSC can offer by executing appropriate contract liabilities in timely and quality manner.


Gyroscope systems production is a distinct feature of the company. Longstanding production of gyroscopes along with large-scale modernization allowed the company to launch the in-house development of the next generation instruments. One of such in-house designed products is the solid-state wave gyroscope (SSWG). Such a gyroscope has some advantages over the other types including a rotary part-free design, operation under overload and vibration conditions, short readiness time, high performance and reliability when operating in radioactive and temperature drop conditions, and reliable data storage in power failure conditions. This instrument is used in units of ground-based, shipboard and space equipment navigation systems to measure angular motion parameters. Efforts to develop the gyroscope of this type date back to the end of the 1960s, but the most of related R&D projects have failed and phased out due to the unsolved problem associated with a failure to extract a weak signal from noise. Research projects to find a solution to the SSWG-related problem have been resumed when appropriate microprocessor technology-based solutions and mathematical analysis methods have appeared. For the last two years, AIP JSC has obtained few SSWG patents (in particular, the metal sensing element patent). The Moscow Power Engineering Institute has developed a custom-design mathematical model to extract a weak and useful signal from numerous noises.

Another example of a new product is the unified dynamically tuned gyroscope (UDTG).  The previous projects of new-type gyroscopes have been developed by AIP for specific applications. However, the concept of the multi-purpose high-precision compact device that can be applied for either high-speed aircraft or for low-speed, but long-endurance aircraft is the long overdue need.

Oleg Lavrichev, the General Director of AIP JSC:
“Our company will continue to develop new trends, implement advanced solutions and design and launch the large-scale production of new hi-tech items”.

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