2015, №3 (35)

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Icebreaker Ships are Cold Weapons

The new diesel-electric icebreaker of 21180 design “Ilya Muromets” ship's keel was laid in the dockage facilities of the “Admiralteiskie Verfi”. It has taken place at the building berth where the-first-in-the-world nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin” was laid in 1956.A HeroThis is the first icebreaker in Russia, where the steerable propellers of “Azipod” type are attached outside the hull by…
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Development of Multi-Functional Training Facilities for Divers Training (MFTF)

 V.Yu. Zanin, Commercial Representative OCEANOS JSCThis article continues a series of publications on implementation of multi-functional training facilities for divers training (MFTF) of modular design, a project by JSC “Scientific-and-Production Enterprise for Underwater Technologies “OCEANOS” (New Defence Order. Strategy. No. 4 (16), 2011; No. 2 (29), 2014, etc.).The multi-functional training facilities (MFTF) are intended for primary…
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A “Booby trap” for Corrupt Official

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia brought a legislative proposal to the State Duma in April “On Entering Changes into the Federal Law “On State Defence Order” and individual legislative measures of the Russian Federation”.According to amendments an interdepartmental system of supervision over the utilization of budgetary funds in case of placement and fulfillment of the…
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BRICS – a Peaceful Attack on the USA Starts with a Dollar

Relations between the US and China have moved on to a new footing. They have taken the step for the worse amid territorial disputes concerning the area covered by the South China Sea.Starting of high-profile mutual recriminations by officers of Foreign Ministries presenting both parties was only a matter of time thereat. In other words,…
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