Development of Multi-Functional Training Facilities for Divers Training (MFTF)


V.Yu. Zanin, Commercial Representative OCEANOS JSC

This article continues a series of publications on implementation of multi-functional training facilities for divers training (MFTF) of modular design, a project by JSC “Scientific-and-Production Enterprise for Underwater Technologies “OCEANOS” (New Defence Order. Strategy. No. 4 (16), 2011; No. 2 (29), 2014, etc.).

The multi-functional training facilities (MFTF) are intended for primary training and advanced training of specialists of different military and civil professions. The MFTF with a multi-functional swimming pool as its main part is intended for skills exercising in the field of basic divers training; application of submerged firing arms; application of missile weapons; mountain-related and assault training; direct deployment and pickup from water (with the use of helicopter winches) exercising; passing through mockups of escape hatches, torpedo-launching tubes of various designs; crew training for escape from combat vehicles and aircraft and emergency response; and physiological body fitness increasing. Also, the MFTF provides personnel training (of pilots and technicians) for remote-control underwater vehicles of inspection and light working class, rigid diving armors, and solve other training tasks depending on complex modular furnishing.

For the moment two versions of MFTF have been supplied to the Governmental customer. The first model based on containers of “20 feet” typical size manufactured by JSC “NPP PT “OCEANOS” withstood the test of time – since the moment of contract for delivery of 2007 the complex is in active operation. Its operation has demonstrated high performance parameters of MFTF and high (including future development) potential of ideas factored into its design. The functional and technological solutions patented by the development team make a fundamental basis for all further versions of training facilities, which make the MFTF a universal project in the sphere of sea and subsea technologies.

The second version of MFTF based on containers of “45 feet” typical size is being produced for a wider spectrum of customer’s tasks according to the contracts for delivery since 2012. The manufacturers are JSC “NPP “Raduga” and JSC “Concern “Oceanpribor” under the license and with participation of JSC

In these versions the flow generators installed in the pool basin produce artificial adjustable flows featuring speed up to 3 knots, which makes training conditions similar to real actions. The functionality of firing positions has been significantly increased (lay-out of training targets control system, including a multi-media target, smoothly adjustable illumination for simulation of various visibility conditions, movable platform to practice firing from the ground, and other tactical fixtures), with extended capabilities of diving command authority (video monitoring, communication and warning system has been installed, including system of communication with divers, of increased capacity, power and efficiency), etc.

The customers, who have practically dealt with and tested the functional capabilities of MFTF version based on containers of “45 feet” typical size and potential of extending capabilities of specialists’ training factored in the design documentation, have formulated the configuration of MFTF version for fulfilling tasks of amphibious and counter-pirate operations.

In addition to provision of existing functional capabilities (basic diving, assault, amphibious, submerged firing training, application of subsea means for divers movement, increasing physiological body fitness), the MFTF shall ensure capabilities for training and exercising divers and crew members on escaping from drowned armored vehicles (armored infantry vehicles of models 80/80А/82/82А, taking into account design peculiarities of every model), helicopters, members of assault groups for moving in vessel’s premises and top hampers of variable configuration. Also the MFTF shall extend functional capabilities in the amphibious, mountain-related and assault training in case of extensive effect of external factors (rolling and pitching motions, wave and wind load, effect of air flow from helicopter main rotor).

Taking into account these specified requirements JSC “NPP PT “OCEANOS” has presented a design to the customer on the MFTF for amphibious and anti-pirate training on the basis of constructive proposal of MFTF “45 feet” version.

The complex has been complemented with armored vehicles’ simulators (that have replaced simulators of torpedo-launching tubes), helicopter emergency escape for exercising escape of crew members; with that the provision of progressive training has been preserved – from simple conditions, without moving streams, commotion, wind load and with illumination availability to more complicated conditions with step-wise complexity increase, with permanent supervision of training and safety by the diving command authority by technical means. The zones and types of training and exercising specialists have been increased with respect to assault, mountain-related and amphibious operations.

Simulators of debarkation net, rope and metal sea ladders, rope training with the use of simulation of pitching and rolling motions with artificial wind effect, with anti-assault water-jet countermeasures have been introduced. The training facilities’ pool design has been modified to include a simulator for training and exercising members of assault groups for moving in vessel’s premises and top hampers of variable configuration. Functional capabilities of direct deployment simulators have been extended, providing factors of wave and wind effect and influence of air flow from helicopter’s main rotor, the complexity thereof has been increased in the context of integration into academic activity on diving and assault training. Capabilities of the MFTF diving complex with regard to rehabilitation and providing physiological fitness of divers have been increased.

Taking into account a possibility of complex deployment as part of quick assembly/disassembly structures, the modifications have been introduced into complex design to ensure operation (scheduled repairs) without dismantling structures of training facilities pool modules.

The suggested configuration and solution on the MFTF version for amphibious and anti-pirate training essentially increases the MFTF functional potential providing for high-efficiency training and advanced training of specialists in fully controlled and documented environment in specific directions and types of training not currently provided in full volume.

The use of the MFTF of modular mobile concept helps ensure logistical and economical efficiency, and increase significantly the total quality of specialists training.

The author renders is thanks to Oleg V. Katsan for supporting innovative activities in the sphere of technologies of the raining process.


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