Military-Industrial Complex

Arzamas Instrument Plant: Heading for the Development

INSET: Arzamas Instrument Plant (AIP) named after P. I. Plandin JSC is a leader of the country’s defense and industry complex. It is the world-renowned plant manufacturing instruments for aviation, missile, space industries as well as a wide range of civil-purpose products. For more than 50 years the company has accumulated a vast experience in the design and…
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Import Substitution: Next Step

“Defence industry is the significant scientific potential, the crème de la crème of engineering society, and companies that are able to meet today's challenges of any kind. These are the companies with the biggest scientific and engineering potential. Demonstration of our military equipment is a clear proof of this point” Oleg Sienko, CEO of Research…
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RAE-2015: Import and Export

The 10th Anniversary Russia Arms Expo (RAE) 2015 was held in Nizhny Tagil. This year 250 Russian and foreign arms makers demonstrated their products at the exhibition. Over 25,000 guests including delegations from 65 countries (including the USA and Western Europe countries) visited exhibition pavilions with arms prototypes and military products. Most of the event…
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Innovation Implementation: Imperative Demand of Our Time

  Oleg Lavrichev: “Innovations are one of the key components that define our company’s performance today” Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC is one of the leading national defense companies producing world-class instruments and devices for the aviation, missile and space industries, including a wide range of commercial products, basically, flow measuring instrumentation and medical equipment. Oleg…
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From Aircraft Carriers to Mobile Maritime Airfield Complexes

Prof. Vladimir Polenin, Doctor of Military Science Nikolay Khrymov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering) Currently, the U.S. Navy Nimitz heavy aircraft carriers are modified versions of the Forrestal (CV-59) type aircraft carriers developed in the second half of the twentieth century. Even the building of a new series of heavy aircraft carriers of Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)…
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